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Why Video Tape to DVD?

  • DVD's ensures your Home Movies won't degrade in quality or sharpness with UNLIMITED plays.
  • Superior Video and Audio
  • Lasts a Lifetime!
  • Instant Video Viewing
    • No rewinding
    • No Fast Forwarding
    • Virtually Indestructible!
  • Digital Video offers sharper, more detailed imagery and better audio

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Additional Video/DVD/Tape Services


VHS - SVHS - VHSc - Video 8 - Digital 8 - Mini DV - BetamaxFrom $15.95

All duplicates (up to 30 min.) are only $15.95 each and include DVD's.

31 to 60 Minutes$19.95
61 to 120 Minutes$24.95
121 to 180 Minutes$34.95
181 to 240 Minutes$39.95

For a combination of tapes to be duplicated onto 1 DVD, add $5.00 for each additional tape. Example: 3 VHS-C Tapes onto 1 DVD will be $10.00 additional for the 2 additional VHS-C tapes. Prices are for DVD only.

Video Tape Repair

Standard Tape Repair - VHS $7.95
Cassette Replacement and Repair$12.95

Note: $15.00 Minimum Order. VHSc, Video 8, Mini DV are $15.00 each repair and $25.00 if cassette requires replacing. Audio cassettes are $15 for each repair.

LP's and Casettes duplicated to CD's

Each recording on standard tape or CD, up to 60 minutes$15.00

Standard/Mini-Cassettes to standard cassettes. We duplicate to CD's from standard cassettes or LP's. We do not combine LP's or tapes onto 1 tape or CD. See Video Volume Rates for multiple copies

Price includes all audio tapes and CD's required


Not all DVD's will play in ALL DVD Players or PCs. However, Our DVD's, will play in most DVD players in use today and those Mfg'd. after 2001.

Sorry, but we DO NOT guarantee that our DVD's will play in ALL units, including PC's.

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