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Helpful Hints for Video Transfers

Before your video transfer, take a few minutes and read the following helpful hints. With a little organizing, you'll achieve the maximum enjoyment from all your priceless memories.

Movie Film

8MM * Super 8 * 16MM

First, go through your movies and number each one in the order you wish them to appear on the tape (usually the oldest first).

And second, if you desire titles for each reel, print the titles legibly on a separate sheet of paper. Titles commonly include date, location or content. Keep titles short (up to 15 words) and to the point. Add background music to enhance your production!

Pictures or Prints

ANY SIZE of pictures from a 1x1 to an 8x10 can be transferred onto video tape! Bring in your family photo album or any group of pictures from that special event or vacation . . . we'll add titles at the beginning of each set, then dub in the background music of your choice (see selected background music).

The first and last pictures of each set will gently fade in and out. Pictures within each set will change instantly after being viewed the number of seconds indicated on the order form.


Almost any type of slide can be transferred onto video tape. As TV images are not the same dimensions as slides, some portion of your image will be cropped (electronically) and each slide will have a black border at the top and bottom or at each side. Almost 100% of the slide will be viewable.

Our state-of-the-art equipment allows each slide to instantly change into the next one at the selected number of seconds on the order form.


15 word titles can be included at the beginning of any reels of film or anywhere in pictures or slide orders. List additional titles of your choice (up to 15 words each). Title can be inserted at the beginning or end of any duplication. "Scrolling Titles" are available for $5.00 PLUS the normal $3.50 for each 15 words.

Background Music

Selected songs (custom music) from cassette tapes or CD's are an additional $5.00 for each song (or change of music) plus the basic charge of $5.00 per 30 minutes.

  • Easy Listening, 40's and 50's
  • Easy Listening, 60's and 70's
  • Light Classical
  • 60's-80's Upbeat
  • Country Western
  • Customer Music
Customer may provide own music, tape or CD or may request other speciality music (eg. Jazz, Piano, Vocals, Etc.), however, The Video Lab NW reserves the right to substitute if requested music is not available. Customer supplied music will be charged at the above rates.

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