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How to Order

Step 1
Choose Video/DVD Service Needed:

  Video/DVD Transfer and Duplications Order Form:
  Print this form, sign it and assemble your media
  Foreign Conversions Order Form:
  Print this form, sign it and assemble your media
Order forms can be viewed and printed using Adobe's free Acrobat Reader.
Step 2
Place your signed order form, media and payment in mailing envelope.

Step 3
Mail your materials to:

The Video Lab NW
3501 South 56th Street
Tacoma, Washington 98409

If you have any questions, please call: 253-471-7766

Additional Information

  • Titles can be added before each reel of film, any picture or slide, or before and after any duplication. Enclose extra sheet with titles listed where they are to be inserted. Limit 15 words per title. "Scrolling Titles" are available for $5.00 PLUS the normal $3.50 for each title up to 15 words.
  • Short reels of film are counted to the next 25 feet.
  • Minimum Orders: Photos or slides 50 minimum (or a combination of either). Note: Each combination or change in format is $5.00 for each change.
  • Second copies (or more) are always half-price. We also have volume rates for 10 or more tapes, ANY format.
  • Duplication prices INCLUDE all DVDs or VHS media required. TRANSFER of film, slides or pictures DO NOT include media. We do not accept customer-supplied tapes or DVD's for any orders.
  • Slide orders over $150.00 are provided a "Demo" tape free of charge for preapproval and requires additional time for completion.
  • If, after receiving your order, we determine that the final price will be different than your estimated price, we will contact you regarding the difference.
  • For our customers ordering within the United States, we accept Cashier's Checks, Money Orders and Personal Checks. For our customers living outside of the United States, please use an International Money Order.

Limited Guarantee

If, within 30 days from "Completion Date," customer is dissatisfied, we will recheck and/or reshoot, duplicate or replicate DVD's at no charge the entire order if we have not followed the original instructions correctly. Sorry, but due to the nature and condition of the film, slides, pictures and video tapes to be transferred and/or duplicated or replicated, we do not guarantee or refund any orders.

Special Notice

  • Signatures: Order received with or without customer signature will be accepted as "implied consent" and will be subject to all conditions and terms listed on this website.
  • CUSTOMERS COPYRIGHT WARRANTY: Our service is based upon your WARRANTY that you have the legal right to have such service performed. We do not duplicate tapes that are copyrighted or encoded to prevent duplication. All tapes submitted which appear to be copyrighted must include a signed release from the Producer or Manufacturer.
  • By sending video tape, film, slides or other material to us or any subsidiary company, you are agreeing that if the film or other material is lost or damaged we will, unless otherwise agreed to by us in writing, only replace such video tape, film, slides, or other material with an equivalent amount of unused video tape or film of similar size and type. We are not responsible for work not called for 60 days after submission.
  • NOTE: Although your order will be produced on STATE-OF-THE-ART electronic equipment, some loss of sharpness or color saturation is normal in the transfer process. In addition, the color control of your TV set may need to be adjusted to attain true color of your video production, Our Video Lab Technicians take special care to achieve the maximum quality from each transfer order.

FOR MORE INFORMATION before or after your video transfer or duplication, please call The Video Lab NW in Tacoma, WA at, (253) 471-7766.

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